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Expertise Vegane Europe

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The French vegan compliance office

Expertise Végane Europe aims to control and certify vegan products but also to defend and define vegan compliance vis-à-vis the general public. By means of these undertakings, it makes it possible to respond to the absence of a legal framework, to ensure better transparency and better guarantees for consumers, to allow fair competition and to protect the terms used to identify vegan products. EVE is an organization founded by the association VEGAN FRANCE, association for the economic development of vegan alternatives.

To fulfil this mission, EVE develops human and technical resources to ensure a service that meets international standards and implements strategies to protect consumers. Its innovation objective also concerns the development of the first French unit dedicated to vegan organic farming (VEGAN BIOCYCLIC STANDARD), allowing access to technical content and the creation of a dynamic French network in liaison with European players in this sector. All of these actions foster diversification of the offer, as well as innovation and the accessibility of vegan products for all.

We certify the future

We endeavour to act in an exemplary manner and upgrade our processes to be ever more closely aligned with our convictions and innovations in the matter.

Our mission is to establish a framework for the future of vegan consumption, to create the most demanding specifications in Europe in order to serve the best interests of consumers and to defend the reputation of vegan certification.

- provide regulatory benchmarks for manufacturers and service companies ;
- act against improper use of the vegan designation and green marketing ;
- promote vegan products that also respect the environment and human health ;
- work to ensure the development of vegan organic farming in France ;
- inform professionals and the public of the economic, ecological and ethical benefits of veganism ;

Ethical commitments

EVE is committed to being free and independent of any group or organisation that may violate its ethical commitments and impartiality. The office therefore strives to comply with international standards ensuring the independence of certifying bodies in all circumstances.

EVE supports the abolitionist approach of veganism.

EVE is a company supported by the European Centre for Enterprise and Innovation in Chartres, near Paris (picture: CM101, City of Innovation).