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The vegan quality label

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The vegan quality label in France and Europe

The EVE VEGAN label certifies vegan goods and products and is an effective tool to promote products that do not involve the use of any animal substance, nor animal testing. Useful to quickly identify this attribute on the front of a product or on publicity materials, it allows companies to highlight this feature to consumers. This label is, above all, a marker of confidence that attests to the control of the product or service by an independent third-party body specialised in vegan compliance. Any company may ask Expertise Végane Europe to evaluate its products or services in order to verify their compatibility with the certification and, if the conditions are met, obtain the right to use the label.

Your advantages

The EVE VEGAN brand provides a real opportunity to promote your company to ethical consumers, whose number is constantly growing. Why choose EVE VEGAN brand ? Discover the advantages of this certification :



Highlighting our label on your packaging and other media reinforces the promotion of your products at national, and even international level.


The guarantees offered by the label make it easier for you to access specialised stores and retailers that require certified products.


The label is easily spotted by consumers seeking certified vegan products.

Internet presence

You benefit from free indexing on our Internet SEO platforms and partners.


The EVE VEGAN label adapts to your advertising media. The logo is available in its original colour but also in black and white in different versions.


Display it on the front of your packaging.


Display it directly on your product.


Use the small size for smaller locations.


Post it on all your commercial supports.

Compliance levels

Certification vegan, logo veganEVE VEGAN label
Label reserved for transformed products which have undergone a control and certification procedure by EVE. Service companies, especially on the catering sector, can also benefit from this label within the restrictive framework of an exclusively vegan offer.

The guarantees offered by any product bearing the EVE VEGAN label :
- Product free of substances of animal origin.
- Product that contains no technical agents of animal origin.
- Product and ingredients not tested on animals.

The different levels of EVE VEGAN compliance :
- Label EVE VEGAN 01 = vegan product ;
- Label EVE VEGAN 02 = vegan product with more than 95% of ingredients derived from vegan organic farming ;
- Label EVE VEGAN 03 = recognised service of vegan quality ;
- Label EVE VEGAN 04 = product derived from vegan organic farming ;

This label is reserved for products derived from vegan organic farming, for farmers adhering to the "BIOCYCLIC VEGAN" European Network. See More

Compliance framework

The EVE VEGAN compliance framework sets out the guarantees needed to obtain a certificate of compliance as well as the conditions for using the terms relating to vegan quality in French. Please contact us for an english version.

> Consult our EVE Compliance Framework (only online in French.)

Certification procedure

1 - Application and feasibility study

The EVE expert appraisal office registers your request and takes note of the information needed to calculate the cost of the appraisal and its conditions. To apply online click here.

2 - Agreement and expert appraisal

After studying your application, an expert appraisal agreement is produced specifying the total cost of the service. The expert appraisal office is able to support, advise and propose solutions to candidates not meeting the required conditions so that they can achieve their compliance as soon as possible. After acceptance of the agreement, a certification procedure is opened.

3 - Issue of the certificate of compliance

If the information obtained is considered acceptable and sufficient, EVE issues a certificate of compliance for a limited period, renewable according to the terms of the agreement signed up to. Otherwise, the expert appraisal office helps the company to introduce corrective actions until the certificate is obtained. The expert appraisal office is liable to control and inspect the certified companies at any time to validate their compliance in the long term.

4 - Renewal of certificate

According to the modifications or new provisions, the expert appraisal office carries out a study for the renewal of the certificate while factoring in the characteristics of the company so that it can continue to comply without repeating the process from scratch and limit the costs of expert appraisals over time.

If you have any questions about the expert appraisal procedure, please feel free to contact us.


If you want to be awarded EVE VEGAN certification, request your quote online.